1. What is travelbook.ph's Friend Code Program?
    Travelbook.ph's Friend Code Program offers you the opportunity to generate income in two ways:
    1. As an Offline Partner: You are given the opportunity to generate income without any requirement. It allows you to earn referral on each successful booking transaction by just sharing your Friend Code to customers through word of mouth.
    2. As an Online Partner: You are given the opportunity to generate income from your website and/or social media pages/accounts by using various promotional tools available to convert traffic to hotel bookings.
  2. Can anyone join the Friend Code Program?
    1. Offline Partners: Yes, anyone above 18 years old can join the program. No requirement needed.
    2. Online Parners: In order to be a Friend Code Online Partner, you must have a website and/or social media page or account (Facebook Page) before registering as a Partner. However, all applications are still subject to management's review and confirmation before you may be considered as an official partner. Processing of each application will take 3 working days.
  3. Is there a registration fee?
    No. You don't have to pay anything to pay anything to be an online and offline partner of travelbook.ph. This partnership has win-win benefits for both sides. Just promote us through your website, Facebook Page of online partners, or through word-of-mouth, for offline partners and you can earn referral fees from any paid booking using your Friend Code.
  4. How do I register for the program?
    You simply have to complete the registration form at https://friendcode.travelbook.ph/register. You must ensure that all the required data are provided. Please make sure that you have read the Partnership Agreement before submitting your registration.
  5. How can I earn through the program?
    1. Offline Partner: Through word-of-mouth. Encourage your friends to book their hotel rooms at www.travelbook.ph. On the booking page, tell them to add your 'Friend Code' on the box provided at the Booking Page to generate referral bookings.
    2. Online Partner: Once you are a member, you may access anytime the different available premium tools such as Badge, Banners, Search Widget, and Hotel Ad Links, which can be found on our Friend Code Program website. Using these tools and implementing them to your website or Facebook page are guaranteed to be quick and user-friendly.
  6. What will be the basis to earn a referral fee as a Partner?
    You will be paid a percentage of the total gross referral fee earned from the completed booking transaction of each guest you refer through your unique Friend Code. The higher the number of completed hotel stays that you referred to travelbook.ph, the higher the percentage of referral fee you will receive.
    Sample computation: Your friend's 7-day hotel booking through you is P28,000. Your estimated referral fee is P1,680.
  7. When will the percentage of referral fee be credited?
    The estimated referral fee will be credited after the referred guest has checked out from the hotel. However, the actual referral fee will be added to your total earnings every end of the month.
  8. When will the percentage of commission be credited?
    By simply logging in to our Friend Code Program website, you can view the list of all referrals and their booking status (pending, cancelled, or done). You also have private access to your withdrawal history to track the referral fees you have earned.
  9. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
    Once the total referral fee reaches PHP 500.00, the Partner can already request for a withdrawal. Payment method will be through bank to bank transfer or check payment.
  10. How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?
    It will take a minimum of 1 business day and a maximum of 10 business days for each withdrawal request you make to be processed.
  11. Can I join other affiliate programs aside from travelbook.ph's?
    Yes, you may join affiliate programs of other websites along with travelbook.ph’s.